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Garry Whannel is an Emeritus Professor at the University of Bedfordshire; and a writer and researcher on popular culture and politics. From 1999-2015 he was Professor of Media Cultures at the University of Bedfordshire. Before that he spent 12 years at Roehampton Institute (now Roehampton University). He was a media technician for 6 years before doing a BA in Media Studies at PCL (now the University of Westminster), and completing a PhD at the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies, University of Birmingham. During the 1980s he was a freelance writer, television researcher and lecturer. He plays piano, clarinet and guitar with various degrees of competence, and lives in central London.

Note:  If you want to invite to me to speak at a conference, seminar or other event, just email me (see Contact link above).   Topics I am currently researching include political comedy, images of science, and news and vortextuality.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Are you practising ‘air piano’ in the photo?

    Retirement,who’d of thought it from when we use to shove counters on your mock-up golf courses,whilst listening to Bob Newhart. amongst others.

    Retirement for me feels like it started 40 years ago for me.I’ve been lucky enough to live in some amazing places,never had a steady job although earning has never been a problem.
    I don’t see my life changing too much as I’m approaching 64.Depends on health and physical capabilities.

    More time in France definitely.Our house in ‘la Vendee’ is a real haven.

    Just had a week in Marrakech. Modernity meets Medieval big time. Intend to do more mooching about.

    Good luck in your retirement.Are you still planning a visit down this way?

    All the best,Dave


    1. Hi Dave
      Not air piano, just the incredibly fast speed of my gestures while lecturing was too fast for the camera ! Yes do hope to travel down to Somerset some time maybe later this spring.
      best, G


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