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BOOKS edited and co-edited

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TRANSLATIONS: Whannel’s work has been translated into Chinese, Korean, Japanese Romanian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

ARTICLES in academic journals

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Invited speaker, 4th International Conference on Sport Communication, Chengdu University, China, July 12-14 2017. Paper: Television, Money and the Future of the Olympic Games

Keynote speaker at International Conference Football: Politics of the Global Game, at the University of Warsaw, November 29-30, 2012. Topic: Football Television and Spectacle in the Digital Age

Invited speaker at symposium on Mediated Celebrity: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, University of Stockholm, February 3rd-4th, 2012. Topic: From Close Up to Twitter Trend: Media, vortextuality, and the problems of analysing celebrity

Keynote Speaker at the Symposium on Television Game Shows, Cardiff School of Creative Industries, University of Glamorgan, 20 June 2008. Topic: Notes on the History of the British Television Game Show

Plenary speaker at International Conference on Celebrity Culture, University of Paisley, Scotland, September 2005. Presented paper: News, Celebrity and the Jackson verdict: a vortextual analysis

 Plenary speaker at Leisure Studies Association Annual Conference, University of Surrey Roehampton, July 2003. Presented paper: The “real” and the “vortextual” in cultural production and consumption

 Plenary speaker at Association for Research on Popular Fiction Annual Conference, at Liverpool John Moores, Nov 4-6 2001. Presented paper: Working up a High Fever: Notes on the sociology of leisure, and “work” and “leisure” in the writing of Nick Hornby.

Plenary speaker at Journeys in Leisure, the Annual Conference of the Leisure Studies Association, University of Luton, July 17-19 2001. Presented paper: Media Sport: Past, Present and Future

 Plenary speaker at The Big Ghetto: Gender and Sexuality, Leisure Studies Association International Conference, Leeds Metropolitan University, July 1998

 International conference on Identitiès Collectives et Reprèsentations Symboliques, at the Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques, Paris, July 1996, Keynote presentation on Individual stars and collective identities in media sport.


Light and Shade: Wit and Despair in the work of Vicky (political cartoonist Victor Weisz) at Abusing Power: The Visual Politics of Satire, Brighton Pavilion and the University of Brighton on 23rd-24th September 2016.

‘The determinants of winter wonderland: the roots of winter sports and the Winter Olympic Games.’ IAMCR Annual Conference, Montreal, Canada, 2015

‘Popular science in the media: balancing “the Popular” and “the Scientific”’, IAMCR Conference, Hyderabad, India July 2014

‘Vortextuality, laminarity and turbulence: Notes on the problematic character of ‘news’ in the 21st century’ IAMCR Conference, Dublin City University, Ireland, June 2013

“Media and Sport: Perspectives on Scholarly Inquiry and Key Issues”, International Communication Association, London, 2013

‘Political Humour in the cartoons of Victor Weisz (Vicky)’, 6th International Comedy Conference, University of Salford Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University, May 31-June 1, 2012

‘From Close Up to Twitter Trend: Media, vortextuality, and the problems of analysing celebrity’, Symposium on Mediatizing Celebrity, University of Stockholm, Sweden, 4th February 2012

‘Commercial Sponsorship, the NHS and the hidden neo-liberal agenda, (with D. Philips) paper presented to MeCCSA 2012 at the University of Bedfordshire, 11-13th January 2012

‘“Is there anyone I haven’t offended ?” Notes on the roots of political stand-up comedy’ at the 3rd International Comedy Conference, University of Salford, 4th – 5th June 2009

‘Financial information and the media in the age of replication’, Conference on The End of Journalism?, University of Bedfordshire, October 17-18 2008. Contributed paper: Information and Authenticity:

‘Caught in the Spotlight: media themes in the build-up to the Beijing Olympic Games’ 9th International Symposium on Olympic Studies, Beijing, August 5-7, 2008. Presenting paper, and Member of Panel on New Beijing, New Media? Emergent Journalistic Practice at the Olympics

‘Humans, cities, and nations: journalism and politics in the build-up to the Beijing Olympic Games’ IAMCR Congress in Stockholm, Sweden July 20-25, 2008,And also Convenor of the programme of papers of the Working Group on Popular Culture

‘Whose Truth, Whose Power ? Olympic Finances and the Media’, Conference on The Olympics: Politics and Protest, Leeds Metropolitan University, July 16-18 2008.

‘From Trade Fair to Shopping Mall: elements of modernity and postmodernity in the three London Olympic Games of 1908, 1948 and 2012’, 7th Association for Cultural Studies International Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference, University of the West Indies, Jamaica. 3-7 July 2008.

‘Whose Truth, Whose Power ? Olympic Finances and the Media’ International Communication Association Annual Conference, Montréal Canada, May 22-26 2008. Presented paper:

International Association for Media and Communication Research Conference 2007, Paris, France, July 2007. Presented paper (with Professor Raymond Boyle): Press attitudes to the London Olympic Games during 2005-7: A comparative study of some regional variations in the British Press.

Symposium on The End of Television ? at the Annenburg Institute of Communication, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA, 16-17 February 2007. Presented paper on television and sport.

Media Change and Social Theory, St Hugh’s College, Oxford, 6-8 September 2006. Presented paper, with Dr D. Philips: Cashing public credit: Sponsorship, cultural capital and image management

 Crossroads in Cultural Conference International Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, 19-23 July 2006. Presented paper: ‘Obituary, Narrative, and Masculine Mythologies: the media and the death of George Best’

International Association for Media and Communication Research Conference 2006, Cairo Egypt, 23-28 July 2006. Presented paper: Journalism, Politics and the Olympic Games: schematic modes of analysis

Asian Media and Information Cente (AMIC) 14th Annual Conference, Beijing July 2005 Presented paper: The analysis of news, the culture of celebrity and the concept of vortextuality

International Symposium on Marxism, Cultural Studies and Sport, Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th April 2005, University of Texas at Austin. Presented paper on Media Sport and Marx: The return of the repressed

International Association for Media and Communication Research Conference

Porto Alegre, Brazil 25-31 July 2004. Presented paper: Pregnant with anticipation: The pre-history of television sport

Invited speaker, International Seminar on Roger Bannister and the Four Minute Mile, Oxford, May 2004. Presented paper: Mythologising the Mile: Nation, Class, and Professionalisation in the drama-documentary Four Minute Mile

International Symposium on Media Coverage of the Olympic Games: The Challenge of the Internet, Leipzig, Germany, January 15 -17 2004. Presented paper: Spectacle, Festival and Vortextuality: Television and the Olympic Games

International Association for Media and Communication Research Conference, Barcelona, Spain 21-26 July 2002. Presented paper: Beach Towels and Brass Bands: Anglo-German relations and the process of mythologising national identities

International Association for Media and Communication Research Conference, Budapest, Hungary 7-8 September 2001. Presented paper: Television Sport and the impact of the growth of Satellite Channels 1979-1999

European College of Sport Sciences, Cologne, Germany 24-28 July 2001. Presented paper: Television Sport and Media Research: implications for the research agenda

3rd International Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference, University of Birmingham, UK, 21-25 June 2000, with Dr. D. Philips, presented paper: “Faith was made possible by generous donations . . . Conceptualising “Economy” and “Culture” in the growth of commercial sponsorship”.

International Association for Media and Communication Research Conference, Singapore 17-20 July 2000. Presented paper: Media discourses of masculinity and morality in The Death of Stanley Matthews

North American Society for the Sociology of Sport Annual Conference, Las Vegas University, November 1998: presented paper on Biography as narrative in the representation of sport stars

International Sociology of Sport Association Annual Symposium, Oslo, Norway, June 28- July 1 1997, Norwegian University of Sport and Physical Education: presented paper on Masculinity and Media Sport in a period of transformation: The Case of Gazza

VVS/LSA Conference on Accelerating Leisure at Wageningen, in the Netherlands, Sept 1996: presented paper on Electronic manipulation of time and space in television sport

Youth 2000, Middlesborough University, July 1995, presented paper, with Ian Wellard, on Sport, morality and the print media

International Leisure Studies Conference : Loughborough University, July 1993. Contributed paper: Imported Sport on British Television

International Olympic Academy: Olympia, Greece June 1992. Contributed paper: Profiting by the Presence of Ideals: Sponsorship and Olympism.

International Television Studies Conference, Institute of Education, London, July 10-12 1988. Contributed paper: The Five Rings and the Box in The Corner

International Leisure Studies Conference: Brighton June 1988. Contributed Paper: Building our Bodies to Beat The Best: Sport, Work and Fitness Chic

International Conference on The Olympic Movement and the Mass Media, Calgary, Canada, Feb 15-20 1987. Contributed paper: History is Being Made: Television Sport and the Selective Tradition

International Television Studies Conference, Institute of Education, July 10-12 1986. Contributed paper: The Head to Head That Had to Happen: A Case Study of Television Sport and Entrepreneurship

International Conference on Third World: Development or Crisis, in Penang, Malaysia, Nov 1984. Contributed paper: Festival or Spectacle: The Crisis in World Sport.

International Conference on Leisure: Politics, Planning and People, at the University of Sussex, July 1984. Contributed paper: Television Sport: The Archaeology of a Professional Practice.


‘The Comedy of Politics: The problem of place, space and audience in political humour’, Comedy and Society Symposium, University of Hull, November 22-23, 2014

 “Commercial Sponsorship, the NHS and the hidden neo-liberal agenda” (with Deborah Philips), MECCSA Annual Conference, University of Bedfordshire, 11-13 January 2012.

 ‘Are the Olympics Popular, Really ?’ at Around the Leisure Dome, the first BSA Conference on The Social Sciences and the Olympic Games, British Library, 11th January 2011

 ‘The United and the Damned: masculinities, fathers and sons, in The Damned United’ at Peace In Our Time? A Critical Symposium on the Work of David Peace, at the Centre for the Research of Narratives, Memories and Histories, University of Brighton, Wednesday 3rd June 2009

Symposium Speaker, After Beijing, Approaching London: Global Cultural Politics and the Olympics University of Western Sydney, September 18, 2008

The Politics of Sport: A One Day Conference, The University of Texas at Austin, 15th April 2005. Presented paper: Media Power, Celebrity and Representation

BSA Sociology of Sport study group, One day conference, Leicester, 7th February 2003, Organised by Warwick Centre for the Study of Sport in Society (WCSSS) and Leicester Centre for Research in Sport and Society (CRSS).Presented paper: Celebrity And Vortextuality in Media Sport

British Society for the Philosophy of Sport Conference: Sports Persons and Bodies, De Montfort University, Sept 29-Oct 3 1999. Presented paper: Models of Masculinity and Models of Morality in Representation of Sport Stars

 Leisure Culture and Commerce, (LSA Annual Conference) Roehampton Institute London) 9-11 Sept 1997, co-presented paper, with Dr D Philips, on The Spread of Sponsorship

 Victorian Genres, Association for Research on Popular Fiction Conference, University of Liverpool John Moores, Sat 24th Jan 1998.

Presented paper: From “motionless bodies” to acting moral subjects: Tom Brown, a transformative narrative for the production of manliness

Making Sense of the Body, British Sociological Association Annual Conference, 6-9 April 1998, University of Edinburgh. Presented paper: Masculinity and the sexualisation of sport

Coming Down Fast: Replaying the 1960s, University of Wolverhampton, 10-12 July 1998. Presented paper: Pretty Boys with Real style in the Television Era: George Best and Muhammad Ali.

Bodily Fictions, Brunel University, 6-8 Oct 1995, presented paper on Sport and pain

Leisure, Sport and Education, (LSA Annual Conference) Brighton University, 10-12 Oct 1995, presented paper on sport stars, youth and morality

The Politics of Cultural Change: Lancaster University, 8-10 July 1994, contributed paper on Men, Sport and shopping: the case of FHM magazine

Citizenship and Cultural Frontiers, Staffordshire University, 14th-17th Sept 1994, presented paper on Citizenship and morality: sporting heroes

Critical Practices, Middlesex University, 14-17 Sept 1994, presented paper on Competitive sport versus the emotional and the personal

Conference on Leisure and the Media, at Loughborough University, May 1983, organised by Leisure Studies Association. Contributed paper: Sit Down With Us: Television Sport as Armchair Theatre.

Joint British Sociological Association /Leisure Studies Association seminar, North London Polytechnic, Dec 1983. Contributed paper: Television’s World of Sport: Some Notes on History as Tradition.

 Conference on Sporting Fictions, at Birmingham University. Contributed paper: Narrative and Television Sport: The Coe and Ovett Story. Sept 1981


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The Peoples Game (BBC/OU 1981) script-writer and researcher.

Television and Football (BBC/OU 1981) researcher.

Development work on six documentary scripts on sport for Channel Four (1983).

Political Football (BBC Radio 1984) script, research and narration.

Home and Away (BBC Radio 1984) script, research and narration.

Open The Box (Beat for C4 1985) script adviser and researcher.

Going For Gold (Flashback for C4 1986) researcher.

Selling The Games (Flashback for C4 1987 researcher.

During 1987 I researched and wrote a 50 page information document on Channel Four sport coverage, commissioned by Channel Four.

The Games in Question (Flashback for C4, 1988) researcher.