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Taylor Downing – historian and television producer, who in the past has given me plenty of work on documentaries about the Olympic Games. Taylor Downing Website: click here

Radio Garden: allows global surfing, on a fast and effective global map, zooming in on any town or city with a linked-in radio station, and listening to it.  A quiet tremendous site.

Radio Garden


Living Maps: situated somewhere in the territory between radical geography, local history, literature and poetry, popular memory, community activism, and psycho-geography; far more to do with ideas and debate than careerism and the next REF.


Google Scholar: terribly useful, rather neglected, and Google seems to hide it away:



Ben Carrington wrote this moving account of the influence the work of Stuart Hall has had on his life:

Jimmy’s Greek Restaurant is no more. Old news I know  (2012) , but Jimmy’s was heavily used by the BFI/SEFT crowd for more than 30 years and it is really sad that it has gone.  Use it or lose it – the 100 Club, The Curzon Soho, and Berwick Street Market are all under threat as I write. Westminster Council should hang its head in shame for its failure to support small independent businesses in this area and thereby maintain the unique Soho character.