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This is my performance of a guitar tune my friend Derek Mandel (now sadly no long with us) taught me, many decades ago.  Not a perfect rendition, nor a great recording – but here is the thing: I have forgotten the title, although I believe it may be by Django Reinhardt.  If you recognise it, please get in touch!

Kid on the Mountain

This is music from my friend Dave (a drummer) who lives in Somerset.  We have known each other since the early 1960s – in fact I believe friend Derek and I (both guitarists) told Dave he had to take up drums so we could form a band.  Although we never did form that band, we have played together – and Dave has been making music ever since.

Tall Germans  (Trembath)

I Think the CIA are Tapping my Phone, Man (Whannel)

Roger the Dwarf (Trembath)

The three above tracks were recorded in the Summer of 1975 on Teac A3440 four channel recorder and were performed by:

Frank Trembath: electric piano and synthesiser.

Garry Whannel: guitars, bass guitar and synthesiser.

Frank and I were in a band (AWD) between 1969-1972, and then occasionally got together to record during the 1970s.   In more recent years we sometimes get together to play through jazz standards, Frank having more application than I do, having become a rather decent jazz guitarist

For context on this stuff, see material from Aymeric Leroy’s detailed research into the Canterbury sound and related bands at:

AWD: obscure even by Canterbury standards