This section contains random pieces of writing that have yet to find any other outlet. Comments and suggestions as to how to develop any of them further are welcome.

USA Jun 18: Mission Statements and Mission Street

Books and Readings : Literary life in San Francisco

Memories of Derek: Very sadly, my old friend from school (1961-69) died this month,  These are my immediate memories of him.

Derek 60s Barnes

Ray’s Wonderful Empire: My old friend Ray, born in Parson’s Green, spent much of his life in Italy, developing a network of bars, cafés and restaurants.  This is his story.


Double acts

Note: Double Acts has now been translated into French and is available on the Cultural Industries website as Spectacle à Deux

Phil May

The Bar

Test Match Special: Why Test Match Special Is Special

Chengdu Pandas: The Pandas of Chengdu, and other thoughts: visited Sichuan in China for 4th International Conference on Sport and Communication.



bangalore-dec16: Notes on Beantown: I spent Xmas 2016 in Bangalore, India.