Assorted Visuals

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The Committee

A committee


Night on Tiles

A Night on the Tiles (T1 June 2014, based on leaflet found in Luton street)


Roof Tiles

Roof Tiles (T3 June-November 2015 Roof of Gordon Mansions during period of lift replacement, when it became necessary to travel over the roof to access a different stairwell.



Textiles1 T2 2011-2015 accidental IPad pictures



PICK AND STICK:  walk around the block, pick up six objects, make a picture.


Luton Double (R4 Luton, June 2015)


Tottenham court road

M and M (R1, Tottenham Court Road 2011)



Junkmail (R2, through the door, Autumn 2011)


Cambridge science park

Cambridge Science (R3 Cambridge Science Park, January 2015)


Dollar smile

Million Dollar Smile (A1 2008 in workshop with thanks to Noel Douglas)


Ghosts of the Broad Church

Ghosts of the Broad Church (A2: Autumn 2013)


NOTE: The artwork on these pages is my own and I would prefer that you do not re-use, without asking me.   I do not normally sell the originals but would listen to offers !